Become a Vendor

Steps to becoming a Saint Michael’s Farmers Market Vendor

1. Learn about our market by reading the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market Rules & Regulations.

2. Apply: You may apply online or print and mail a copy of the completed Vendor Application and Rules and Regulations (go to the Vendors page to access the documents). If you choose to mail your application, submit your $25 non-refundable application fee with the application and a signed copy of the Rules & Regulations to Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, 8011 Douglas Ave. Dallas, TX 75225 Attn: Farmers Market.

3. Wait: After receiving your Vendor Application, Rules & Regulations and the application fee, you will be contacted within ten (10) business days.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted with additional questions, approval, or non-approval.  Some qualifying vendors are on a wait list until there is an appropriate space opening.

4. Permits: Your company must have the necessary permits for your products, including state, county and city. It is the vendor’s responsibility to comply with the State Comptroller’s requirements for any products sold.

Vendors shall comply with and be responsible for all applicable City of Dallas, State of Texas, and all federal regulations and/or ordinances regarding permits and safe handling of potentially hazardous foods.

Vendors of potentially hazardous foods, including but not limited to meats, cheese, eggs, milk and milk products, and other manufactured foods needing temperature control will need a Farmers Market Vendor Permit from the City of Dallas Code Compliance office.

Any vendor offering “samples” larger than bite-sized shall also obtain a Farmers Market Vendor Permit from the City of Dallas Code Compliance. Vendors may contact the City of Dallas Code Compliance Office, Food Safety, at 7901 Goforth Rd., Dallas, TX 75238, 214-670-8083, 214-670-8330 (fax), for their guidelines and for more information.

5. Approval: When all steps have been fulfilled, you will receive final approval from the SMFM.